Game: Sax and the City Teammates: Justin Lynch (Designer), Aaron Sagan (Designer), Scott Pellico (Artist), Jagadeesh Jaykumar (Artist) Tools: Unity - JavaScript/C# Project length: 2 Weeks (Finished 10/05/10) During round 2 of Rapid Prototype Production at FIEA, my team and I were tasked with the goal of creating a story-driven game, from concept to full prototype, in 2 weeks. Our team of 2 producers (Justin Lynch, Aaron Sagan), 2 artists (Scott Pelico, Jagadeesh Jaykumar) and 1 programmer (myself) decided to take an unusual approach to our game, creating the music-driven storytelling game now known as “Sax and the City”. The story of Sax and the City begins with the happy and colorful protagonist departing the train and walking into a bleak and dreary 1920′s Chicago. As he explores the bleakness of the city, he is saddened and all of the color drains from him. While his sadness grows, he comes across a happy bassist who is playing his instrument on the street corner, bringing joy to the nearby citizens. Upon seeing this transformation, our hero cheers up and realizes that he too can bring color back into the city, simply by playing music with his saxophone. He then teams up with the bassist and begins his quest to restore happiness and color to Chicago. The gameplay revolves around pressing the colored face buttons of the Xbox 360 controller in time with the pulsing beat of the player’s aura. Successfully playing notes on-beat will bring more color to the city and allow you to cheer up the citizens, while an off-beat or missed note will cause the color to fade away. Each button is tied to a different musical phrase, so the player has the opportunity “create” his or her own music in the game. Please check out the video below for more information on the game, and please comment below. I’d love to hear your feedback!