Rapid Prototype


Game: Boundary Teammates: Fernando Rivera (Designer), Michael Bakerman (Artist), Luke Gamble (Artist), Shabnam Sabbagh (Programmer) Tools: Unity - C# Project length: 2 Weeks (Finished 12/07/10) The fifth and final round of Rapid Prototype Production at FIEA was one of the most intriguing, as all of the teams got to choose which of the previous RPP games they wanted to continue developing and polishing. My team decided to continue work on the 2.5D side-scroller Autoscopy. This game told the story of a man who had been in a car accident, and the player controls their detached soul chasing down their body as they run through the streets of the city in an out of body experience.  Our team decided to rework the mechanic of the game and change the focus somewhat. We decided to concentrate on the idea that it was a near-death experience rather than an out-of-body experience. The game became about a detached soul escaping an ethereal world, making his way back to his body in the physical world. (more…)
Crowd Control Splash Screen

Crowd Control

Game: Crowd Control Teammates: Fernando Rivera (Designer), Scott Pellico (Artist), Marlowe Rosenbaum (Artist), Jay Sternfield (Programmer) Tools: iPhone - Objective-C Project length: 2 Weeks (Finished 10/26/10) During round 3 of our Rapid Prototype Production course at the Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy, we were tasked with the challenge of creating a game that emphasizes emergent gameplay. Our team decided to venture into the realm of the iPhone, choosing iOS as our target platform for the game. During the first week of our two-week project, we created an elaborate concept of a population simulator in which the autonomous characters would interact with each other based on several different character attributes. However, we quickly ran into several design issues regarding player interaction, character interaction formulas and the overall player objectives in the game. After a less-than-ideal interim presentation, we decided it was time to refocus the direction of our game. (more…)

Sax and the City

Game: Sax and the City Teammates: Justin Lynch (Designer), Aaron Sagan (Designer), Scott Pellico (Artist), Jagadeesh Jaykumar (Artist) Tools: Unity - JavaScript/C# Project length: 2 Weeks (Finished 10/05/10) During round 2 of Rapid Prototype Production at FIEA, my team and I were tasked with the goal of creating a story-driven game, from concept to full prototype, in 2 weeks. Our team of 2 producers (Justin Lynch, Aaron Sagan), 2 artists (Scott Pelico, Jagadeesh Jaykumar) and 1 programmer (myself) decided to take an unusual approach to our game, creating the music-driven storytelling game now known as “Sax and the City”. The story of Sax and the City begins with the happy and colorful protagonist departing the train and walking into a bleak and dreary 1920′s Chicago. As he explores the bleakness of the city, he is saddened and all of the color drains from him. While his sadness grows, he comes across a happy bassist who is playing his instrument on the street corner, bringing joy to the nearby citizens. Upon seeing this transformation, our hero cheers up and realizes that he too can bring color back into the city, simply by playing music with his saxophone. He then teams up with the bassist and begins his quest to restore happiness and color to Chicago. (more…)

Birds In Space (48-hour TIGJam Project)

Game: Birds In Space Teammates: Ryan Hoffman, Rob Cook, Ed Meacham, Drew Walker Tools: XNA - C# Project length: 48 Hours (Finished 06/06/10) On June 4-6, 2010, I attended TIGJam Midwest, a weekend-long indie game jam in Des Moines, Iowa. While there, I teamed up with Ryan Hoffman, Rob Cook, Ed Meacham and Drew Walker. Ryan and I did the programming, Rob worked on the art, and Ed and Drew created all of the audio. For this game jam, the teams were tasked with creating a game based off of a proverb. Our team decided to do “the early bird gets the worm”. So, for our splitscreen multiplayer game, you play as a bird, and you are racing against the other players to get as many worms as fast as possible. Oh, your bird also is in space and has a jetpack. Good luck making sharp turns in the near-frictionless environment. (more…)
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