Professional Projects

Rise of the Triad

Game: Rise of the Triad Studio: Interceptor Entertainment Role: Lead Programmer This past year, I've had the opportunity to with the guys at Interceptor on their first major release, Rise of the Triad. A fast and crazy FPS, Rise of the Triad was designed to create a completely over-the-top, chaotic experience that brought back the nostalgic excitement of the mid-90's FPS craze. As the lead programmer, I was responsible for making sure everything tech-related went according to plan during the game's development. This gave me a chance to play with a wide spread of fields in the game, including multiplayer networking stability, interactive environments, modular AI systems, and a variety of crazy weapons. What's not to love about a job where making drunken missiles and splattering eyeballs are part of the daily routine? (more…)

EA Sports – NBA Live 13

Game: NBA Live 13 Studio: Electronic Arts Tiburon Team: Gameplay Role: Software Engineer While finishing my final semester at FIEA, I was fortunate enough to be hired as a Software Engineering Intern at EA Tiburon, home of great annual titles such as Madden, NCAA Football and Tiger Woods. While at Tiburon, I had the opportunity to work on one of Tiburon's newest projects: the revival of the NBA Live series. (more…)
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