Birds In Space (48-hour TIGJam Project)

Game: Birds In Space Teammates: Ryan Hoffman, Rob Cook, Ed Meacham, Drew Walker Tools: XNA - C# Project length: 48 Hours (Finished 06/06/10) On June 4-6, 2010, I attended TIGJam Midwest, a weekend-long indie game jam in Des Moines, Iowa. While there, I teamed up with Ryan Hoffman, Rob Cook, Ed Meacham and Drew Walker. Ryan and I did the programming, Rob worked on the art, and Ed and Drew created all of the audio. For this game jam, the teams were tasked with creating a game based off of a proverb. Our team decided to do “the early bird gets the worm”. So, for our splitscreen multiplayer game, you play as a bird, and you are racing against the other players to get as many worms as fast as possible. Oh, your bird also is in space and has a jetpack. Good luck making sharp turns in the near-frictionless environment. (more…)

SkyBlitz: The Revengening

Game: SkyBlitz: The Revengening Teammates: Jason Hill (Programmer), Justin Sliekers (Programmer) Tools: XNA - C# Project length: 4 Months (Finished 05/08/09) During my junior year of undergrad at Iowa State University, two of my friends (Jason Hill and Justin Sliekers) and I were enrolled in Software Development Practices. While trying conceptualize a good semester-long project for our 3-man team, we quickly decided we wanted to create a game. Soon after, we came up with the design of SkyBlitz: The Revengening; a 4-player co-op, side-scrolling shoot’em’up (shmup) to be developed using C# and XNA, with the Xbox 360 as our target platform. (more…)

Cinema4D – Battle Rifle

In fall 2008, I took a class in 3D modeling at Iowa State University. The class focused on the creation of detailed models and materials, as well as the use of lighting in virtual photography. We used Cinema4D to create all of the models throughout the course. For the final project, I wanted to create something that was game-inspired. I decided to create a variation of Halo's battle rifle, with a few of my own modifications. Using reference images from Halo 3 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (for the scope), the model was completed over the course of several weeks. (more…)
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