Game: Boundary Teammates: Fernando Rivera (Designer), Michael Bakerman (Artist), Luke Gamble (Artist), Shabnam Sabbagh (Programmer) Tools: Unity - C# Project length: 2 Weeks (Finished 12/07/10) The fifth and final round of Rapid Prototype Production at FIEA was one of the most intriguing, as all of the teams got to choose which of the previous RPP games they wanted to continue developing and polishing. My team decided to continue work on the 2.5D side-scroller Autoscopy. This game told the story of a man who had been in a car accident, and the player controls their detached soul chasing down their body as they run through the streets of the city in an out of body experience.  Our team decided to rework the mechanic of the game and change the focus somewhat. We decided to concentrate on the idea that it was a near-death experience rather than an out-of-body experience. The game became about a detached soul escaping an ethereal world, making his way back to his body in the physical world. Autoscopy had some great environmental art and a fairly straightforward script base, which gave our team a great opportunity to turn the game into a highly-polished piece. Per the feedback of our instructor, Ron Weaver, we decided to transform Autoscopy into an “art” game called Boundary. In Boundary, the player awakens to find himself in an ethereal plane, with no recollection of what has happened to him. As he explores the plane for an explanation of what has happened, he is pursued by shadowy figures who try to capture the player and steal his very essence. In fleeing the shadows, the player continues through the ethereal plane and searches for answers to what has happened to him. Please check out the gameplay video below, and leave a comment with your thoughts!