Game: Birds In Space

Teammates: Ryan Hoffman, Rob Cook, Ed Meacham, Drew Walker
Tools: XNA – C#
Project length: 48 Hours (Finished 06/06/10)

On June 4-6, 2010, I attended TIGJam Midwest, a weekend-long indie game jam in Des Moines, Iowa. While there, I teamed up with Ryan Hoffman, Rob Cook, Ed Meacham and Drew Walker. Ryan and I did the programming, Rob worked on the art, and Ed and Drew created all of the audio.

For this game jam, the teams were tasked with creating a game based off of a proverb. Our team decided to do “the early bird gets the worm”. So, for our splitscreen multiplayer game, you play as a bird, and you are racing against the other players to get as many worms as fast as possible. Oh, your bird also is in space and has a jetpack. Good luck making sharp turns in the near-frictionless environment.

The game was developed using XNA, and uses some of the utilities provided at This was the first time Ryan and I had ever done a 3D game, so we learned a lot about the intricacies and challenges of rendering models in a 3D environment. The actual game development time lasted from 11PM Friday (conceptualization) to 3PM Sunday (final build), for a total time of 40 hours.


Object of the game: Race to collect all of the worms that are floating around the level.

Keyboard: Space to accelerate, B to brake, left/right to turn
Xbox 360 controller: right trigger to accelerate, left trigger to brake, left joystick to turn.